Styl'D  -  Harmony thru Design!

 Millie Mederos
 Is a full-service designer with immense creativity and style.  Her strong sense of color, proportion and detail is what sets her apart as an outstanding designer. Her many years of experience in the creative world has owned her a distinguished reputation. She became an Art major in 4th grade and by 14, was designing clothing and window treatments for the entire neighborhood. At that point, she had discovered that her passion for design just came naturally!  Millie went on to the study Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and became a successful fashion designer for over 25 years. Within the immense pulse of the fashion world, she began to expand her creativity in the world of Interior Design, as her passion for space planning and decor manifested. Decorating and designing her home and that of family and friends; was natural and inevitable. She went on to study Interior Design at The Metropolitan School of Interior design and started her own business in 2003. She began consulting and designing for clients throughout Long Island and New York and has now woven both of her passions into a personal style that reflects her creativity with true sophistication! 
    As a certified Feng Shui  practitioner she has integrated her creative skills with the art of Feng Shui.  She counsels her clients on how to align their space to life's 5 natural elements; Wood Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. She guides and teaches you how to choose design elements, fabric, pattern and color and gives you the tools you'll need to enhance your essential energy. She helps you make design choices that redefine and support your essence and lives path.
Millie's approach is about figuring out who you are and what your individual needs are.  Her broad spectrum of style ranges to suit your lifestyle. She will tailor each project based on your budget and goals and guide you towards realizing your fullest expression, while capturing your essence and personal style!
Whether you need help enhancing your home, room,  office, or home staging, she will guide you every step of the way; creating harmony and balance that you will love walking into!

                                          Interior Designer ~  Home Stager ~ Feng Shui Consultant   
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